Do you want to know more about Astrology, Astrology Tips, Astrology for Beginners? Is Astrology for Dummies not giving you what you want? Would you like to unveil your archetypal eye and learn what YOUR PART is supposed to be in this whole life journey?

Welcome to the Cosmic Little Lessons! In this series you will learn:

  • Astrology Basics
  • To start reading your Natal Chart
  • Mythologies
  • Symbolism
  • Planetary Energies and how to use them for your advantage

I am so thrilled to be on this adventure with you! 😊

Here is the third Cosmic Little Lesson!✨

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In this video you will learn:

  • The Whole divided in Three
  • The interconnectedness of number 3 with number 4
  • 120° and the Jupiter Angle
  • The Trilogy within us
  • Alchemical symbols
  • Cardinal signs
  • Fixed signs
  • Mutable signs

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